Join our Workshop on Science Communication and Careers in Neuroscience

22, 23, and 30 September 2023

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+1)

Target audience: College and High School Students

Limited to 20 participants!

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This year we bring you an international workshop that features neuroscience and science communication experts, and where you will learn how to effectively communicate scientific concepts!

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    Make a Compelling Pitch about Neurosciences

    With the skills you'll learn during this Workshop, we challenge you to create a 3-minute pitch using an original digital support (video or poster/graphical abstract).

    Pitches will be presented on the final day of the Workshop and a Jury will select the Top 3 pitches!

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    Online Mentorship

    The Top 3 winners will have access to:

    • 1-year online mentorship with a Neuroscientist from the SPN network
    • Pitches published on our website and social media channels

    All participants will get a Certificate of Completion.

  • The (Neuro)Scientist & Society - Why is SciComm relevant?

    Hear about the experience of science communication experts and their different projects on public engagement, citizen science, and science advocacy.

  • Round table: Careers in Neuroscience - "Out-of-the-box is a good place"

    Is research the only way to be involved in Neuroscience? In this session, we joined professionals with different backgrounds who all work or have worked in the field of Neurosciences.

  • Science Communication Masterclasses

    Build your skills on how to put together an attention-grabbing pitch! Learn about how to create great figures and how to effectively edit videos for your pitch.

Meet the Speakers

  • Catarina ramos (wieland) (1)
    Catarina Ramos

     Head of Communications, Events & Outreach (CEO) at Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal

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    Joana Moscoso

    Co-founder & Director of Native Scientists and Co-founder & Co-Director of Chaperone

  • Brendan
    Brendan Dolan

    Science Advocacy Researcher at University of Galway, Ireland

  • 1516823266960
    Amy Robinson Sterling

     Executive Director, Eyewire, Princeton University, USA

  • Taupinprod hd dsc 1913
    Elodie Chabrol

    Science Communication Consultant and Director at Pint of Science World & France

  • Headshot 2023
    Alex Santos

    Regulatory Scientist at Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, USA

  • Maria vicente
    Maria Vicente

    Coordinator of the Open Science Hub - Portugal

  • Img 1807
    Maria Zamfir

    Founder of The Neuron Family and Resercher at McGill University, Canada

  • A1 color copy (1)
    Albino J. Oliveira-Maia

     Director of Neuropsychiatry at the Champalimaud Research and Clinical Center, Portugal

  • 1516938337221
    Ana Osório Oliveira

    Program Manager and Researcher at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

  • Gil costa lx
    Gil Costa

    Scientific Designer and Illustrator, Belgium

  • Ana santos carvalho 2023
    Ana Santos Carvalho

     Science Communication Coordinator and Researcher at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, University of Coimbra, Portugal

  • Foto miguel
    Miguel Ferreira

     Science Communicator and Researcher at the Center for Functional Ecology, University of Coimbra, Portugal 



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